Benefits of digital marketing for your business

You might be wondering why to outsource your digital marketing activities to an agency when you can set up an inbound team for this. You may have to incur same cost for whatever activities you are supposed to get done. But when it comes to expertise, you might not be getting the same.
Yes! In this article, i want to tell you that sometimes, money is what will convince you to matter decision. Most of the times, it is all about quality that you don’t want to lose on.
Digital marketing is a vast field which is changing very fast. It needs years of experience to make something work on the web. What tactics used to work couple of years back will not be working for now.
For example– Before 2012, regular directory submissions was a major tactics for most of the seo people. You would just submit links to hundreds of popular directories, the ranking of your website will start inching up in search engines. Since 2013, Google does give any value to it. Instead, you will end up getting into a big trouble. if you will do it more that what is moderated, Google will hit your website with penguin penalty. And in just couple of days, your website will be vanished from the SERP first.
This is one of the main reasons why you should be hiring a digital marketing agency from 2015 on.

Read all the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency-

Expertise- Most of the agencies are started by people who have vast experience in digital marketing. They know how to make it work for any business. They actually have a very different environment which helps their employees learn and practice new things everything.
For sure, you might not be having this kind of environment in your company for your inbound team. And if you have, you have only 2-3 people who will work on digital marketing in your company.
This may actually go like this. less number of people, less number of ideas, so less number of innovation at your work place.
For couple of months, it may work. but after that, you will automatically lagging behind your competitors.
Reduced cost- You can easily reduce cost by 50% when you outsource these activities to a digital marketing agency. There are actually two reasons- first, the cost of your inbound team, and second, their expertise which helps in getting more leads at lower cost.
With years of experience, agencies know how to work on bidding, how to do the keyword research, and how to write ads. When these things are combined together, you automatically get better and qualified leads at a very low cost.
Improved performance- I have experienced it that hiring a digital marketing agency helps a lot. No matter how expert your inbound team is, they can easily reduce around 30% of your advertising cost while maintaining the same number of leads per month.
They actually maintain relationships with all the big media players. Not only seo and ppc, they are good at media planning too. So when it comes to no. 1 ranking, they can get it for you by doing press releases and directly contacting the publishers.
All-in-one service- How do you react when you have to run a re-marketing campaign, but you don’t find anyone experienced in it. There are actually many things like brand communication, media buying, link building services etc other than basic seo and ppc marketing.

Your inbound team may be good at traditional seo tactics such as directory submission. But, they don’t work anymore. And for link building Tactics, you need expert knowledge. Again PPC campaign will not give good results, if re-marketing campaign is not working altogether.

Sometimes, you have to work brand awareness too. You can not definitely do it, if you don’t have relationships with bloggers and other media outlets. And for sure, you will not be willing to spend money on building relationships.

What you can do is using the contacts of full-service digital marketing agencies. Here them and get everything done on time.

Precise reporting- That is the very first thing i use to like in an an agency. They give you a complete and transparent report to each and every client. How much money you spent, how much traffic you got, and how much leads you generated in a given time period. Just like that, you can ask them for reports for every services such as SEO, PPC, Remarketing etc.


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