Define your Social Media Marketing Strategies with Yodigi

Social Media is a powerful place in your marketing arena. With proper plans and strategy formulations, it is a place where you can develop and sustain a strong connection with your existing and prospective clients. But many a times, getting lured by its thrill and freedom, marketers jump on to social media without any prior plans which can prove as a disastrous failure in their objectives.

Social media is that tool which can prove as a magic wand to your success if strategized in a planned manner but it can equally prove fatal to your goals if its capabilities are not utilised properly.

Whether you are planning to take your business on social media for the first time or whether you have been on the platform and wants to redefine the strategies, one needs to take steps as follows:

1St Step Get Educated on:

  • What is social media
  • Understand case studies of the success of social media for businesses
  • Latest trends

2nd Step Setting Objectives and Goals:
While working on goals and objectives, be very clear on:

  • The reason for which you have joined social media
  • Business Goals, Vision and Mission
  • Aim of what to achieve from social media

Adopt S.M.A.R.T. Strategy to set up goals and objectives, they should be

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Your objectives can be:

  • Develop effective customer engagement
  • Establish good reputation for your brand
  • Understand customers and have customer-driven approach
  • Achieve High sales

3rd Step Setting up Route to achieve goals and objectives:

  • Identify and target initial platforms and opportunities in others
  • Understand any risks involved and set clear policies for social media
  • Identify the type and number of resources required and assign responsibilities and time commitment
  • Finally link social media activities to offline marketing activities

4th step identify your audience:

  • Find out who is your audience
  • Which social media platform they use
  • Their interest and perceptions
  • How can you help them by your products?
  • Identify your competitors and how your audience is comparing you with them

5th Step Brand positioning on Social media

  • Set up your Brand’s voice and tone
  • Set what messages, emotions do you want to convey through your brand
  • Compare with other competitive brands, study their success formulas and accordingly set up your brand positioning voice, tone and messages.

6th Step Plan, design and organise content for customer engagement:

You content has to be such that it should reflect your goals, brand’s voice, brand’s tone and the emotions or messages that you want to send across to your customers.

  • Identify the types of content
  • Identify the topics, categories and messages of the content
  • Provide relevant content
  • How often should you put
  • Once you have put the content, enter and get engaged with the customers in the interactions
  • Build trust and transparency and stay open to critics
  • Judge the customers perceptions about your products/business

7th Step Analysis, Measurement and Improving

  • Set essential measures of success
  • Monitor measures and analyse its success in increasing sales
  • Identify and communicate success stories
  • Analyse your success rate and identify the areas of improvement
  • Study how you can improve by going through various case studies
  • Identify the points of improvement to be considered in your strategy


Social Media Marketing is a power tool in your marketing portfolio especially today in digital revolution. Each business needs to adapt to revolution and have sound digital marketing strategies which can bring in returns and SMM is one of them.

Yodigi is a digital marketing service from Sankalp who have established themselves from its inception to till date as a proven service provider with highly experience and knowledgeable experts.

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