What is Digital Remarketing? How it is useful?

A prospect visits your business website, looks at your products or services and leaves. This prospect showed interest in your products or services, that is the first positive thing. But how to turn that prospect into your customer? Here is where Remarketing plays a big role.

Remarketing allows you to display ads to prospects who visited your site or app during their browsing on net. For an example, prospect left your site after looking at some products of a particular category, then remarketing helps you to stay connected to that prospect by displaying relevant ads. Those ads are showed wherever the prospect visits on internet. Hence, these ads works as a visual reminder. Prospect will consider revisiting your website and accelerate buying decisions.

Figure:  Remarketing Flow

Thus remarketing is a powerful and a clever way to stay connected with visitors of your website who left it without taking buying decision.  This tool is facilitated by third parties like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

How does Remarketing facilitate?

  • Redraw the attention of prospect: It provides you an option to get connected to people when they are most likely to buy. When they are browsing on the net to buy, you ads display will leverage their buying decision by bringing back to your site.
  • Target list: You can make a remarketing list of prospects on various categories. For example list of those prospects who viewed a particular product range, list of those prospects who choose the products till shopping cart but then abandoned it. Based on these list you can display relevant ads targeting a particular list of prospects.
  • Increase Reach: Prospects of your remarketing lists can be showed ads anywhere and on numerous number of site. For e.g. Google facilitates reaching people as they browse over 2million websites!
  • Easy Ad preparation: Ads can be prepared in text, audio, video format. With dynamic remarketing from google, you can create dynamic ads covering your entire product range or services.
  • Tracking: You will able to track where your ads are being displayed, how much it is costing you and how effectual it is.

Main Benefits of Remarketing:

  • Popularising your brand: By consistently displaying your ads to your prospects, you are making an impression of your brand. It will create a brand awareness and as well as make it popular.
  • Target effective audience: By preparing remarketing list, you can those audience which are interested in your products and are most likely to buy them.
  • Higher conversion rate: By remarketing there is high possibility of converting leads into customers. Hence your conversion will improve considerably.
  • In Reasonable budget: Mostly remarketing by Google and Facebook are very cost-effective.

Remarketing is a programmatic strategy to display ads to target prospects, connect them back to your website and boost their buying decisions.

Yodigi – Digital Marketing Services incorporates this strategy to make your marketing effort even more effective.

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