How will Wearable Technology impact Digital Marketing?

Innovations in technology is shaping the Digital Marketing scenarios and it will continue to do so in future. Today, marketers have this difficult task of leveraging the emerging technologies to meet their goal as rapidly changing current scenario is challenging the traditional marketing settings.

Just as the internet marketing has brought changes in the strategies by redefining the communication between the business and customers, wearables too will introduce big time changes in the current marketing formulas. Today’s consumers are extremely tech savvy, they carry out research about products and services online, hence the businesses also has to adapt themselves to evolving demands  of presenting their products or services with convincing content in the convincing way along with maintaining customer satisfaction at its highest level.

With the introduction of Google glasses in 2014 and Apple watches in April 2015, digital industry, no doubt has become aware of the coming challenges of the wearable revolution with which the businesses will have to keep up with. Just as iPhone and iPod has transformed the marketing landscape, same way, smartwatch is about to overtake the transformation process. Let us see what can be the possible impact of the wearables on digital marketing:

Tapping consumer psychology: Wearable technology will effectively be able to gain insight into physical and emotional reaction of the consumers. For an e.g. a small segment of consumer may dislike the ad, so the marketer will immediately able to tap that physical reaction which will help them to change their ad and present more appealing ad. This is possible as wearable technologies are with inbuilt biometric sensors.

In-depth consumer data: Till date marketers relied on the consumer data available from the mobile devices, social media and Google analytics. With wearables, consumer data will extracted in depth from consumer’s habits, emotions, attitudes, motives, behaviours and patterns. These data will be avenues for extremely targeted marketing strategies.

Customer relationship: As the incoming data from wearables will enhance targeted marketing, it will have a tremendous impact on the communication between the marketers and consumers. Communication will be able to achieve high personalisation. The relationship with consumers will become stronger as the data from wearable will help understand each and every consumer in far more better way. This will further help in personalising services.

Accessibility across location and timings: Wearables are gadgets which are worn and not hold. So, they will be worn by consumers and be on them where they move and at whatever time. With smartphone through GPS enabled services, businesses are already able to gain information about the location of consumer, but wearable will take it even to higher level by giving information about the neighbourhood areas rather than just the cities. For an e.g., wearable being very close to them, as they pass by a clothing store, they may get a pop up of the campaign of a specific product from that particular clothing store. Hence real-time communication will be established.

Voice based Search: With wearable, search will be voice based rather than text based. So the keywords identification may become challenging. To stay on the top of Search Engine Result page, identification of the keywords is very important. Hence the SEO experts will have to find out ways to stay on the top of SERP based on voice search.
Additional product information: availability of micro data to consumers: For an e.g. If I walk in the Crossword store to buy a book with my google glasses, it will enable me to quickly know the online reviews of the books I select and even compare the prices. The cliché is the websites has to have well marked up products are reviews for Google to bring it for you.
Creativity in online marketing: videos, audio and other content will have to be creatively made synchronising with technology and considering the wearables as their medium of transmission. This is altogether will open up the creativity and imagination of the people in the field of advertising and content marketing.
Thus wearable technology is about to start revolutionising the traditional and digital marketing. We are yet to completely gauge the extent of the emerging technologies on the marketing and consumer behaviours, but one thing is for sure that marketers will have to prepare themselves for this trend and reformulate the marketing strategies to survive in the highly dynamic technological storm.
Change is the keyword for Progress, Fast Adaption is the Mantra of Success
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