Digital Marketing VS Internet Marketing!

Whenever a businessman thinks of ‘marketing’ the first thing that comes to his/her mind is billboards, newspaper ads etc. But times are evolving, and these traditional marketing techniques have taken a backseat – blame it on their expensive strategies. Not only this, but these traditional marketing also fails to give a feedback or a detailed report and in a situation like this digital marketing comes to rescue. Not only, digital marketing, internet marketing is too gaining momentum.
However, people still get confused between digital marketing and internet marketing. When you put a glance on both these terms Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing, you find a striking similarity between them. They sound synonyms, however, they are not! Many people get confused, but let’s take a deep insight as to what exactly these terms are? After knowing them individually, you will be able to know its differences better and can then have your ultimate marketing strategy on paper!


Let’s start with Digital marketing wherein this method makes use of digital devices and platforms then be it online or offline. In other words, in digital marketing, it’s not necessary to use the internet as a platform. For example: when you get enormous promotional offers from your Dominos App regarding your favourite cuisine – pizza, the technology is widely used while creating it and sending the messages across the users. However, the end users like you and me receive them without any internet connection. This is what digital marketing is all about! Let’s take another example of a game like Candy Crush Saga. While you are downloading this game, you need internet, however once the downloading is over you can play the game without internet too.
Whereas on the other hand, internet marketing, as the name suggests can be undertaken only with the help of internet. Moreover, it is a subdivision of digital marketing and so it makes use of many services of digital marketing. To elaborate more, let’s take an example of online ads. If you are running your ads as banner ads on any website or any blog, then it is nothing but online or internet marketing. These ads are visible only when you are connected to the internet!

Various Mediums:

There are various mediums for both the marketing such as for digital marketing you have TV ads, bulk SMS or campaigns via SMS, Games, Radio, billboards, etc. On the other hand, mediums of internet marketing are – PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO, Email marketing, Website, Content Marketing, mobile marketing, marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Both the mediums have their own speciality, but it wholly depends on your needs!

How Both Mediums Help?

Both the mediums are helpful in their own way. There are very minute differences between the two. However, choosing any one of them depends solely on the target group. If you are targeting young crowd, then social media it is! As you can see all youth are active on social media and hence it is a fruitful platform.
Apart from this, other factors that play a vital role are – your budget, your strategy, your industry and also the type of your business. Being the subdivision of digital marketing, online marketing focuses only on online channels, whereas digital marketing makes use of online as well as offline! So, even if you are making use of any of these marketing strategies, relax as you are into the digital revolution!

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